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Meal Prep

Little Helper Kate- Meal Prep

We can provide meal prep for busy professionals and for business catering for staff teams.  We are trained in preparing meals according to different dietary requirements.

This can include meals for those with nut allergies, those who are gluten free and those following a vegan diet.  Experienced in the kitchen, at Little Helper Kate we’ve been cooking fresh and healthy meals for many years, so are happy to help you by doing the hard preparation work.

For those too tired, or too busy Little Helper Kate provides a neat solution. We can prepare you a nutritious meal that’s ready whenever you want.


We understand that allergies can be hard to manage. Whether you are worriedly reading food labels, or searching for specialised products in the shops, or tensing with anxiety every time you eat out, Little Helper Kate can make your life a little easier. We are fully trained in delivery meal prep for those with specialised dietary requirements, whatever you are ‘free from’.

Gluten Free Meal Prep

We know that finding tasty gluten free food can be a challenge. We can help alleviate the stresses of managing that diet by taking over the stress of planning, shopping and prepping the meals for you.

Vegan Meal Prep

We prep vegan food making plant-based meals that are tasty and convenient.

For those celebrating we make cakes for all occasions. From cupcakes for a birthday to large celebratory wedding or anniversary cakes, whether you want to send a cake to a loved one, or have it delivered to your door, we provide a bespoke service.

Giving you more space to focus on your business, or yourself.

High quality food. Healthy balanced meals. High quality preparation.

We’ll take care of the food for you.

Prepped. Delivered. Ready to eat.

Highest quality, lowest effort, best taste.

As a cleaning and services organisation that employs a majority of women and BAME staff, we help people serve communities through service.

We put women in leadership positions enabling them to network, build confidence and establish themselves. We believe that at the same time as helping women from disadvantaged backgrounds, this strengthens the local community.

Trust, reliability, consistency

We are always here for you

Trained & vetted staff

Our staff are all certified and thoroughly trained

Human approach on site, by phone or email.

We aim to respond to all queries on the same day!

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