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Office Cleaning

Little Helper Kate’s office cleaning services centres around a professional approach keeping employees and colleagues safe. Our office cleaning services include eco-friendly products with a healthy regard for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

  • We work with businesses to deliver a deep clean to protect against bacterial or virus outbreaks. Our health and safety practices follow the most stringent measures to ensure the peace of mind for colleagues, customers and other local businesses.
  • For those with regular cleaning needs we support daily, weekly or fortnightly cleaning services.
  • We take time to audit your settings and offer cleaning to help make sure your employees feel safe, productive and to ensure that they are less likely to be absent from work due to poor hygiene.
  • A lot of businesses and contractors choose us for our social value. As a cleaning and services organisation that employs a majority of women, BAME staff, we help people serve communities through service. We also help you score higher on procurement tenders or other social impact scores as working with us reflects your ethics and supports commissioners that want more social value or social return on investment in their partnerships.

Why choose us ?

  • Responsive service
  • Gain a social return on investment advantage in tenders/ commissions
  • Human approach on site, by phone or email.
  • Trust, reliability, consistency
  • Female led social enterprise
  • Trained & vetted staff
  • Short notice cover or absence cover

Trust, reliability, consistency

We are always here for you

Trained & vetted staff

Our staff are all certified and thoroughly trained

Human approach on site, by phone or email.

We aim to respond to all queries on the same day!

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Vetted and trusted staff
Services tailored both for business and individual clients
Years of happy customers
Experts in domestic services
We aim to answer your query within 24 hours, if it is urgent to get in touch sooner feel free to use the phone number provided
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